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Sly – JavaScript library for one-directional scrolling with item based navigation support


Sly is a JavaScript library for advanced one-directional scrolling with item based navigation support.

It can be used as a simple scrollbar replacement, as an advanced item based navigation tool, or as a great navigation and animation interface for parallax websites. This is achieved by a powerful & developer friendly API that provides a bunch of very useful methods giving you control over everything.

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Creating a Cloudflare account and adding a website


To experience the benefits of Cloudflare, first create a Cloudflare account and add a domain to Cloudflare. When you create a new Cloudflare account, adding an initial domain is included in the workflow.

Create a Cloudflare account

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Email address and Password.
  3. Click Create Account.

Use an email alias or distribution list. For example, Billing and service-related email notifications are sent to this email address.

  1. The Cloudflare UI asks you to add a site to Cloudflare.
  2. ….

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REST Client – Visual Studio Extension

REST Client allows you to send HTTP request and view the response in Visual Studio Code directly.

Main Features

  • Send/Cancel/Rerun HTTP request in editor and view response in a separate pane with syntax highlight
  • Send GraphQL query and author GraphQL variables in editor
  • Send cURL command in editor and copy HTTP request as cURL command
  • Auto save and view/clear request history
  • Organize MULTIPLE requests in the same file (separated by ### delimiter)
  • View image response directly in pane
  • Save raw response and response body only to local disk
  • Fold and unfold response body
  • Customize font(size/family/weight) in response preview
  • Preview response with expected parts(headers onlybody onlyfull response and both request and response)
  • Authentication support for:
    • Basic Auth
    • Digest Auth
    • SSL Client Certificates
    • Azure Active Directory
  • Environments and custom/system variables support
    • Use variables in any place of request(URLHeadersBody)
    • Support both environmentfile and request custom variables
    • Auto completion and hover support for both environmentfile and request custom variables
    • Diagnostic support for request and file custom variables
    • Go to definition support for request and file custom variables
    • Find all references support ONLY for file custom variables
    • Provide system dynamic variables {{$guid}}{{$randomInt min max}}{{$timestamp [offset option]}}{{$datetime rfc1123|iso8601 [offset option]}}{{$processEnv [%]envVarName}}, and {{$aadToken [new] [public|cn|de|us|ppe] [<domain|tenantId>] [aud:<domain|tenantId>]}}
    • Easily create/update/delete environments and environment variables in setting file
    • File variables can reference both custom and system variables
    • Support environment switch
    • Support shared environment to provide variables that available in all environments
  • Generate code snippets for HTTP request in languages like PythonJavaScript and more!
  • Remember Cookies for subsequent requests
  • Proxy support
  • Send SOAP requests, as well as snippet support to build SOAP envelope easily
  • HTTP language support
    • .http and .rest file extensions support
    • Syntax highlight (Request and Response)
    • Auto completion for method, url, header, custom/system variables, mime types and so on
    • Comments (line starts with # or //) support
    • Support json and xml body indentation, comment shortcut and auto closing brackets
    • Code snippets for operations like GET and POST
    • Support navigate to symbol definitions(request and file level custom variable) in open http file
    • CodeLens support to add an actionable link to send request
    • Fold/Unfold for request block

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Java Script Tools for Automated Testing Responsive Web

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How to Automated testing of look and feel for your responsive websites – Galen Framework

The Idea…

Layout testing seemed always a complex task. Galen Framework offers a simple solution: test location of objects relatively to each other on page. Using a special syntax and comprehensive rules you can describe any layout you can imagine

Runs in Selenium Grid

Galen Framework runs well in Selenium Grid. You can set up your tests to run in a cloud like Sauce Labs or BrowserStack so that you can even test your responsive websites on different mobile devices. Galen can run multiple tests in parallel which is also a nice time saver.

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Parsley, the ultimate JavaScript form validation library

Frontend form validation

Parsley is a javascript form validation library. It helps you provide your users with feedback on their form submission before sending it to your server. It saves you bandwidth, server load and it saves time for your users.

Javascript form validation is not necessary, and if used, it does not replace strong backend server validation.

That’s why Parsley is here: to let you define your general form validation, implement it on the backend side, and simply port it frontend-side, with maximum respect to user experience best practices.

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How to Train Your Brain to Remember Almost Anything

In fact, research shows that within just one hour, if nothing is done with new information, most people will have forgotten about 50% of what they learned. After 24 hours, this amount increases to 70%, and if a week passes without that information being used, up to 90% of it could be lost.

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